'Manoeuvres d'Automne'

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Gilles-Vincent "Dizzi" Rieder ex-Débile Menthol drummer and partner of Jad Fair in recent years, Dizzi founded KittyKittyRecords. His first solo project after Débile Menthol, however, was

Manoeuvres d’Automne

Starting sometime in 1987, it lasted until the early 90-ies, until Dizzi joined forces with Jad Fair.

The first album was to be  played by the "Animists"
original LP cover by Alex Rabus (an excerpt of the giant painting "Till")

A second album followed on AYAA ("Un peu d'air").


Always and everywhere there has been rebels opposed to the "golden rule", noticebly in art, consequently in music. The Swiss town Neuchâtel (in the french part) has brought forth many creative rebels since the old days of jazz...

But music evolved and one of Neuchâtel’s foremost prominent avantgarde band - Débile Menthol - showed in ist ten years of existence an astonishing brand of new, inventive young musicians.

One of them, the driving rythm force, percussionist and drummer extraordinaire "Dizzi" ventured a fragile and challenging enterprise, affirming his personnal ideas, releasing his debut album "Manoeuvres d’Automne", (‘workers in autumn’ or ‘fall manoeuvres’ - a pun). It is the logical conclusion of accumulated experiences and most of all an untamed will and joy of performing.

It takes more than the ear can hear to approach Dizzi’s uncompromising musical world. A basic aspiration of his personality has always been to evoque images from the grooves of his percussive expression. Listening to his conceptual work, one is drawn irresistebly to the blank pages of one’s imagination where brush and pencil would show more than accademic analysis.

But ‘Manoeuvres d’Automne’ isn’t only a record. It’s also the animiste story-book of Dizzi’s live performances. A show where songs are illustrated by films, audiences spell-bound to a show and a show where your imagination happens...

Ten years after the initial LP release, Mensch Music presents the album now on CD, in combination with ‘Kulu Hatha Mamnua’. One track found its way as hidden track onto "The Eve of Peeni Waali"...

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